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Exhibition programme 2012




October 31st, 2012


10.00–14.00, Conference Hall # 8


Organiser: SPC Eco Service Ltd


10.00–10.10 Introduction

Roman Novytsky – manager of SPC Eco Service Ltd

10.10–11.00 AfiMilk Company Presentation: AfiFarm management system — the guarantee of running the efficient business at the dairy farm

Victoria Rivilis – Regional Sales Director of AfiMilk (Israel)

11.00–12.00 Efficient management of Large and Mega farms — organisation of production and technology processes based on automation. Daily management. 

Daniel Hojman – AfiMilk speaker (Israel)

12.00–12.50 Feeding management at large farms in order to achieve high yields: feeding requirements, feeding management, system management AfiFarm - control tool for useful feeding.

Daniel Hojman – AfiMilk speaker (Israel)

12.50–13.40 Management of the main sectors of the dairy farm:

- Reproduction control;

- AfiFarm management system – a reproduction control tool;

- Monitoring of the nutritional status of animals;

- Heat stress influence on productivity and reproduction;

- AfiFarm management system - heat stress control tool.

Daniel Hojman – AfiMilk speaker (Israel)

13.40–14.00 Round table discussion. Questions and answers.


11.00–17.00, Conference Hall # 20


(Based on experience of Ukrmilkinvest LLC, Rivne region and Yekaterynoslavska Agrofarm, Dnipropetrovsk region)

Organiser: Animal Industry Today, Magazine


The managers of the farms with their teams will share the experience of organising and efficient running of dairy business and their vision of the dairy business development.

Speakers: O. Sen, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine; E. Orudzhev; A. Klymenko, Yekaterynoslavska Agrofarm owner, Dnipropetrovsk region; M. Korylkevych, owner of 5 farms from Rivne region; M. Shvets, a leading specialist

Moderator: Elman Orudzhev, dairy cattle expert

The Programme:

1. Conditions of effective development of dairy business in Ukraine. Global tendencies of the world dairy business (field). 

2. Economics in dairy business.

3. Management and optimization of the milk production processes. Factors of increasing the production efficiency.

4. Economic efficiency of investments in dairy cattle farming (efficiency indicators). 

5. Optimization of the investment portfolio, attraction of investments.

Master-class participants: around 200 top managers of dairy farms, the best experts in dairy business, representatives of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of Ukraine, profile associations. 


14.00–18.00, Conference Hall # 11


Organiser: Ahrarnyi Tyzhden. Ukraina, All-Ukrainian business newspaper

Supported by — the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, the association of poultry enterprises Ptahoprom Ukraine, Kyivptahoprom, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (NUL&ES)

14.00 – 14.05 Opening of the conference

Natalia Chereshynska, editor-in-chief of Ahrarnyi Tyzhden. Ukraina, weekly newspaper

14.05 – 14.15 The present state of development of the quail business in Ukraine

Yury Petrov, General Director of Ptahoprom, the association of poultry enterprises of Ukraine

14.15 – 14.25 The role of the Association in the support of the development of the quail business in Ukraine

Olexandr Pavlyk, president of Quail Business Association

14.25 – 14.35   Unique features of growing and keeping quail in Ukraine

Mykola Zherebov, General Director of Kyivptahoprom

14.35 – 14.45 Experience of keeping quail in private households

Sergiy Volodkevich, advanced student of the poultry department of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine

14.45 – 14.55 Particular use of veterinary drugs for prevention and treatment of quail diseases

Igor Skrypka, Director of Ukrvetsouyz Company

14.55 – 15.05 The standardization process for the production of quail eggs and meat

Nikolay Sakhatsky, Professor of genetics, breeding and reproductive biotechnology department  of NUL&ES, Dr of Biological Sciences, academician of NAAS of Ukraine

15.05 – 15.15 Innovative approach to recycling litter. Probiotics of the 5th generation

Andriy Kochka, Deputy Director of Geotek Ltd

15.15 – 15.25 New approaches in improving the productivity of quail

Victoria Melnyk, assistant professor of Poultry Breeding Faculty, NUL&ES

15.25 – 15.35 New modern recipes for feeding quail

Natalia Fesak, Director of Ekorm Feed Factory

15.35 – 15.45 Is it worth to apply complex of vitamin and amino acid mineral supplements?

Roman Pavlenko, Director of Biofactor Ltd

15.45 – 15.55 New developments in equipment for keeping quail

15.55 – 16.15 Questions and Answers


November 1st, 2012


10.00 – 13.00, Conference Hall # 8


Organiser: Institute of Animal Science of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine  



  • Chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys - "poultry" of domestic breeding (breeding resources, characteristics).

O. Katerynych, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Animal Science of NAASU  

  • Domestic technologies for getting eggs and poultry meat (specialized feeding for getting meat and a big fat liver, resource and energy saving, alternative systems of keeping poultry)

V. Melnyk, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Animal Science of NAASU 

  • Veterinary welfare of homestead farming (domestic system of prevention measures and diagnosis of poultry diseases, new poultry diseases) 

G. Biletska, Candidate of biological sciences, Institute of Animal Science of    NAASU

  • Modern and safe feeding with the use of alternative and local components (quality and falsification of feed ingredients, ways to fight mycotoxicosis)

N. Bratishko, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Institute of Animal Science of NAASU 


10.00–18.00, Conference Hall # 14, Pavilion # 3

The 5th All Ukrainian Conference with International Participants


Organiser: InfAgro, the Union of dairy enterprises in Ukraine


09.15 - 10.30

1. Perspectives of dairy business in Ukraine. Will the milk production increase?

Minister/ Deputy Minister, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

2. News in the state support of the dairy farming

Andriy Getya, Director of Animal Farming Department, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

 3. The present state of the dairy industry of Ukraine and the development perspectives for 2013-2015

Vadym Chagarovskyi, Head of Board of Directors, the Union of dairy enterprises in Ukraine

4. Risks in sales of Ukrainian dairy products within free trade zone to EU and Customs Union countries

Leonid Kozachenko, President of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation

5. The new control system of safety and quality of dairy products in Ukraine

Vitaliy Bashynskyi, Deputy Head, the State Veterinary and PhytoSanitary Service of Ukraine

6. Cooperative movement, the way out of the raw materials crisis

Milkiland Ukraine

12.00 - 14.00

8. Changes on the global dairy market and consequences for farmers, milk processing farms, consumers and the government 

Klaas Johan Osinga, LTO Netherlands

9. Dairy business in Russia. Changes after entrance into WTO

Volodymyr Labinov, Executive Director of the Russian Union of Dairy Enterprises

10. Unique features of the development of the dairy business in Belorussia

The Ministry of the Agriculture and Food of Belorussia

11. A view of PepsiCo at the problems on the dairy market in Ukraine

Sergiy Makarenko, PR Director of PepsiCo Ukraine

12. Partnership and competition among the national and transnational companies

13. Merging and acquisition, the necessity of consolidation of diary business

Tamara Levchenko, Senior Analytic of Dragon Capital

14.30 - 17.30

14. Efficient collaboration of milk producers and processers

15. Perspectives of the development of the baby food market of Ukraine

Milk Alliance Holding

16. Modern German control technologies of milk quality and sample selection during milk collection

Lutz Reiprich, Manager, Food Bartec Benke GmbH

17. Reality of milk production in households and farms

Oleg Prokopenko, Director of the Department of Agricultural and Environmental Statistics, the State Statistics Service of Ukraine 

18. Tendencies of family consumption of dairy products in Ukraine. Efficiency of advertising

Maryna Kostromina, top manager, TNS Global Market Research

19. Problems of Ukrainian cheese makers. Development perspectives.

20. On quality and safety problems of dairy products

Lidiya Karpenko, President of the Union of dairy enterprises in Ukraine

21. Ukrainian dry dairy products market crisis

Vasyl Vintonyak, Director, InfAgro Analytics Agency  


10.00–18.00, Conference Hall # 20

The 3rd International Seminar “EFFICIENT PIG FARMING”

Organiser: Agroexpert Magazine



10:30–11:30 Schauman concepts of piglets weaners

Manfred Pfeiffenberger (Austria)

12:00–12:30 How 34–35 separated from sow piglets can be obtained per year

Sergiy Slyusarev, Chief technologist, Niva Pereyaslavshiny JV LLC

12:30–13:00 Combined vaccine treatment of mycoplasmosis and PCV — new possibilities for increasing the productivity

Vitaliy Piotrovych, Veterinary Consultant (Ukraine) 

13:30–14:00 Pig's skin as an indicator of pig pathologies

Iryna Platanovska, Candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Veterinarian Practitioner at Tarasovetska Poultry Factory

14:30–15:00 Tekro LLC

15:30–16:00 Preventing piglets diseases in suckling and early post-weaning period

Ion Moraru, Veterinarian Practitioner


10.00 – 14.30, Conference Hall # 9


Organiser: “Feeds and Facts”, Magazine



10.00–10.30 Registration of participants

10.30–10.40 Welcome speech. The present state and perspectives for feed production industry in Ukraine. 

O. Bakumenko, Head of Board of Directors, Director General of the Association “Union of feed producers of Ukraine”.

10.40–10.55 The new production technologies of feed compounds at the 4th generation plants. Staffing of the compound feed industry.

B. Yegorov, Professor, Dr. of Technical Sciences, correspondent member of NAAS of Ukraine, president of the National Academy of Food Technologies of Odesa

10.55-11.10 Innovation compound feeds: facts and forecasts.

V. Kucherov, Director of Compound Feed Production Plant, FeedLife LLC

11.10–11.25 Quality and safety of life: yesterday, today and tomorrow.

S. Melnychuk, Dr of Biology Sciences, correspondent-member of NAAS of Ukraine, Director of the Ukrainian Educational and Scientific Institute of Life and Environmental Sciences, NUL&ES  

11.25–11.35 How the quality of feeds influences the pig productivity

S. Gnatyuk, General Director of the Ukrainian Corporation of industrial meat production Tvarynprom”

11.35–11.50 Correlation of feeding factors and housing conditions while producing poultry products

М. Lemesheva, Professor, Dr. of Biology Sciences, Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy

11.50–12.20 Bacterial contamination of feeds - is there “any light in the end of the tunnel?”

Peter Surrey, Dr of Biology Sciences, Professor, Scottish Agricultural College

12.20–12.30 Healthy appetite for success in business and food safety

Representative of Biomin Ukraine LLC

12.30–12.45      Early weaning of piglets

V. Sokolov, specialist, Tekro LLC

12.45–13.05 5 factors about Natuzyme

Representative of Casing Trade House


11.00–17.00, Conference Hall # 10

The 2nd Scientific and practical seminar on horse breeding ­«HORSEMAN»

Organiser: Modern Veterinary Medicine, Magazine


  • Welcome speech

Yuriy Kovshov, Honoured Master of Sports of USSR

  • Tendencies of the development of horse breeding in Ukraine

Tetyana Nechyporenko, director of “Horse Breeding of Ukraine”

  • Role of horse dentistry in their preparation for sport purposes. “Don't look a gift horse in the mouth but a sport horse — for sure!” 

Anatoliy Levytskyi, candidate of Veterinary Sciences, Levytskyi Clinic

  • Horse Leptospirosis: prevention and treatment

Leontiy Gnap, the leading veterinarian at “Horse Breeding of Ukraine” Subsidiary Company

  • Research methods of joint diseases in horses

Larysa Babenko, advanced student of Luhansk Agrarian University  

Co-lecturer: Volodymyr Gerun, Head Veterinarian at Kyiv Hippodrome  

  • HSV in horses: special diagnostics and prevention

Oleksandr Galatyuk, Doctor of Veterinarian Sciences, Zhytomyr Agrarian University

  • Known and unknown HSV in horses 

Inna Belendik, scientific employee of the Institute of Veterinary Medicine

  • Cryopreservation technologies of horse semen

Natalia Platonova, Candidate of Agricultural sciences, senior scientific employee of NUL&ES of Ukraine

  • Innovation technologies in Ultrasound research  

Mykola Sender, representative of MiniTUB Company (Germany)


13.30–17.00, Conference Hall # 8

International Seminar “HOW TO GET QUALITY MILK?”

Organiser: Propozytsia Nova, Magazine, Premier Expo  


  • Economics of production of high quality milk

E. Schroeder, German Agrarian Centre

  • Selection aspects of the production of high-quality milk

S. Ruban, Institute of Animal Breeding and Genetics of NAAS of Ukraine

  • Key points of rearing calves

O. Chub, LLC "Effective systems in livestock"

  • The organisation of feeding high yielding cows

V. Sahnyuk, Bilotserkivskyy National Agrarian University

  • Mastitis prevention 

S. Terekhov, ABS Global Inc.

  • Bayer’s antimastitis programme

O. Gnatyuk, Bayer LLC

  • Experience of the farm, which produces milk with superior quality 

A.Kryvonis, Agrosvit LLC


13.30–15.30, Conference Hall # 12


Example of GMP+ certification and laboratory testing of feed

Organiser: GMP+


13.45–14.00 Welcome word. Support of the Dutch Government to the bilateral Dutch-Ukrainian   relations in the field of animal breeding  

Mr. Evert Jan Krajenbrink, Agricultural counselor Royal Netherlands Embassy in Ukraine 

14.00–14.20 Introduction: what is GMP+ International and what is her ambition?
Mr Johan den Hartog, Managing Director of GMP+ International 

14.20–14.40 GMP+ certification in practice: what does that mean? / Quality management in practice: what does that mean?
External speaker from a GMP+ certified company 

14.40–15.00 Laboratory testing of feed as means to improve productivity (topic to be further specified)
Han van de Goor, BLGG AgroXpertus – Netherlands 

15.00–15.20 What is the added value for Ukrainian companies to join GMP+?
Johan den Hartog or external consultant

15.20–15.30 Questions and discussion 


* The programme is a subject to change